Minas Kosmidis Architects

Identity system

Generating a timeless design imprint that encapsulates the notion of architectural space

Mission and Approach

Minas Kosmidis Architects was founded in 1994 by the architect Minas Kosmidis and operates in Greece and abroad, having received numerous international architecture awards. According to the studio, architecture is expressed as a narrative, regardless of scale or short requirements and should always be approached with attention to detail.


Regarding the new logo and identity we worked with clear lines, materials, colours and textures, in a way that creates a design imprint, much like the one of architectural space. We were inspired by concepts such as construction and deconstruction, composition, the negotiation of interior and exterior, the floor plan and the imprint, the point of convergence and divergence. We translated these concepts into a visual identity through form and typography.

The characteristic star symbolises the scale, the different architectural directions, which architectural office combines in the different projects it undertakes.