HAK Studios

Identity development

A dialogue between
the designer’s vision & the maker's expertise

Mission & approach

HAK Studios is a multidisciplinary, concept driven design studio, working with leather, textiles and ceramics. Merges traditional techniques with contemporary needs by using a wide range of media that provoke through colours and textures. The founder and lead designer Alex K, after a long period away from Greece, where he studied in the Design Academy Eindhoven, The Netherlands and his first working experience at the leather goods giant of Louis Vuitton, returns to Athens to initiate HAK Studios. SDA provided the naming and developed a new visual language for his new studio.


The naming methodology we developed, was research based. Alex envisioned a concept-driven design studio that would collaborate with different workshops all over Greece. Craftsmanship that transforms age-old techniques into contemporary pieces. Handmade products, featuring the charming irregularities that come with the nature of the process. Handmade by Alex K. equals to HAK Studios. The visual identity and the typographic language incorporates all of the semantic elements that form the passion for craftsmanship and exploration.