Frame colour system

Perspective as a tool for showcasing colour excellence

Mission and approach

AkzoNobel Coatings has been working with our team over the last 6 years. We have worked together on various projects, ranging from the design of its, one of a kind, colour catalogue, to several sampling tools. Creating a sampler of their range of metallic colours for aluminium surfaces, that showcases the importance of form, while preserving its functionality, was a challenge.

We explored different possibilities using the concept of perspective, given that perspective has strong correlations with the architectural structure. Perspective is related to architecture in a number of ways, including not only the size and shape of buildings but also the perspective from which the viewer examines them.



The final deliverable was a sampling tool that incorporates the principle of perspective, through scale, form and geometry. The morphology of the final object allows the user to directly correlate their colour choice, with its application to a material or space. The new sampler, acts as a simulator of the aluminum surface to be coated.

CGI: Alexandros Mavrogiannis