Future Format


A timeless record to state the volume of expertise

Mission & approach

Commissioned to create a corporate brochure for a B2B distribution by Future Format, an established printing house, the challenge was to represent the volume of expertise in a manner that would best communicate the Future Format values. The client’s aim was to inform its business associates about the typographic techniques and services provided, while communicating the renewed identity. Our goal was to elevate a corporate brochure into a collaborative tool, a record of typographic terms.


The publication Elements is a record of the knowledge brought by a system of collaboration among people, techniques, materials and modern technologies. With clarity and simplicity, this publication is a document of typographic terms while explaining typography–related techniques. It unfolds a narrative focused on functionality and presents ways in which visual systems are a part of the linearity of the publication. The production combines a variety of papers and techniques, showcasing the different levels typography is applied.

Typography: Four Point type system