Ekies resort

Identity system

Expressing simplicity, proximity and locality in every detail

Mission & approach

Resort Ekies is a destination where modern hospitality is intimately connected to the people who operate it. Simplicity, friendliness and immediacy are quality features that transcend the function and are realized through the daily routine of visitors. Our team was commissioned to redesign its logo, as well as its overall identity. The need to create a logo system was evident, since the hotel has many outlets (restaurants, bars, spa, etc.). We were invited to logotype them under the Ekies umbrella. We moved on to the concept of the many experiences that the resort provides through its various places, offering different day-to-night experiences. The notion of something is going to happen, something that follows, this continuity showed the need to create a system that would serve the above purpose.


The menu design reflects and extends the design identity, while meeting the needs of the different nature of the experiences the resort offers. The design of Ekies cocktail menu reflects the resort’s design identity so far by means of simplicity and immediacy. Based on the principle of functionality, we created a narrative where the guest at any time can have access to the overall information. In each spread, the cocktails’ information coexist with the whole menu’s contents creating a more comprehensive navigation. Our version of the service directory brings flexibility in visitor’s guided tour, through the different spots and facilities. The idea for a catalogue with separate cards, sorted into informative order, follows the total design’s proximity. At the same time visitor can walk around and discover the cards’ hints. This spontaneous action is directly related to the total resort’s philosophy.