Natural skincare products

A visual and textual system representing optimism in challenging times

Mission and approach

Dust and Cream, with a wide network of stores in Greece, unifies knowledge from nature and science in order to deliver its first self branded natural skincare line. The brief requested that the introduced cosmetics would be clearly perceived by the customers as premium and effective. Our goal was to create an environmentally conscious packaging solution, with intend to minimise the use of ink, while maintaining the recognisable features of the brand. We focused on the natural basis of the ingredients and a linguistic approach to showcase the identity of the products and create a unique narrative. A step further, we saw the need to link a routine action to an optimistic feeling.


SDA formed strategically the overall product visual and textual identity by providing a distinctive system that enables clarity and confidence in a competitive market segment: purity through colour application and openness through the democratisation of information.
The title “Today is a good day”, written in different languages, showcases the need to communicate an optimistic feeling, especially since the project was released during the first Covid lockdown. The packaging was based on a colourful variety of GFSmith’s Colorplan series papers with the least possible amount of ink used.

CGI: Alexandros Mavrogiannis