Identity System

Redefining function-driven hospitality

Mission and approach

CORE is a space for recreation and enjoyment, within the complex of Domes of Elounda Resort in Crete. With pop up clothing, toys and souvenirs stores, street food trucks, contemporary art exhibitions, activities for kids and adults, perfectly surrounded by thematic events. CORE aims to create experiences. Creating a visual system that concisely describes the importance of space while at the same time serving its functionality was a challenge. By deconstructing the word CORE (core) into an acronym, we managed to describe the character of the space, in one sentence.

Core means: Conjunction of Refined Experiences, thus giving content and direction to both the personality and the targeting of CORE, as well as the structure we followed for the visual identity within the space.


The basic concept of conjunctions is reflected in the typography with the ink traps of the letters, creating distinct pairing points between the letters, the words, the spaces and the experiences constantly interacting with the rest of the identity.

At the facilities identity we used correlative conjunctions, to define the brand personality. The logo was developed into a conceptual manual of functions that offers a form of textual continuity: Core=Conjunction of Refined Experiences in Art / Gastronomy / Fashion / Wellness / Play / Culture.

Taking in mind CORE’s environment and free flow of the area, signage was implemented and placed discreetly in the space, in a way to be read from whichever direction the visitor comes. Sustainability was considered as one of the most important aspects from the very beginning, all applications were emphasised with conjunctions of facilities, in a complete interaction experienced by the visitor which is beyond the respective brand of products or services within the space.

Photography: Athina Souli