Volvo Excellence Awards

02.2018 Object
01. Volvo Excellence Awards 02.2018, Object


Every year, Volvo Car Hellas gives out Excellence Awards to its associates in recognition of their accomplishments in different categories of sales and customer service. We were approached with the task to create an award that would represent this recognition of excellence.


Our starting point was that the awards do not subscribe to a ranking system; Volvo Car Hellas recognizes the top performer in each category. We chose the number one as an expression of top performance, or excellence, and incorporated it as a key feature of the trophy.


The final object is constructed of three elements: painted beech wood, varnished beech wood, and coated steel, with UV printing. The number one is formed through a cutout in the metal surface and the interplay of materials, which were chosen to reflect materials used in the brand’s vehicles. We created an object that has actual as well as symbolic weight; it encompasses the concepts of reward and recognition, and inspires and motivates potential recipients.