Volvo Cars

06.2017 Environmental Graphics/Campaign
01. Volvo Cars 06.2017, Environmental Graphics/Campaign


In the context of our long-standing partnership with Volvo Cars, we conceptualize and design a variety of applications to serve diverse marketing and communication needs.


Every time we design for Volvo, we have to reconcile very strict brand guidelines with the need to be authentic and original. Our projects involve creating materials to support marketing activities, so we focus on highlighting the brand’s unique values and creating very varied applications that are ideally suited to each distinct event or activity. Materiality plays an important role, as it invokes both the tactile feeling of a new car and the premium character that people expect of the Volvo brand.


The concepts we develop and design for Volvo support and enhance the brand’s positioning and strengthen the promise of a unique, premium experience inherent in Volvo marketing.