The Architect Show

04.2018 Identity development
01. The Architect Show 04.2018, Identity development


The Architect Show is a new event brand that comprises an exhibition and conference on architecture, design and building materials. The organizers invited us to design the event’s identity.


In approaching this project, we showed how the experience of architecture is governed by space itself. The experience of the built environment is primarily an experience of spatial boundaries and connections. Boundaries lie at the core of architecture; they define our perception of space and how we interact with it. Visually, we use vertical lines to define our field, similar to a floor plan or facade, and also the relationships between the various spaces, the different pieces of information.


We created a visual system that simultaneously states both the boundary and the connection. The system creates distinct spaces for different types of information that can be used accordingly as the event grows and evolves, while maintaining visual consistency.