Perrakis S18 Invitation

10.2018 Packaging
01. Perrakis S18 Invitation 10.2018, Packaging


Perrakis Papers, Greece’s leading wholesaler of premium papers with 130–plus years of experience, wanted to create a unique invitation to communicate its participation in “Syskevasia 2018”, an international trade fair for packaging products, machinery, printing and logistics. We were tasked with conceiving and creating an original invitation that would prompt its recipient to visit the exhibition and Perrakis’ stand to find out more about the company and their products.


The invitation was conceived as a vehicle for showcasing Perrakis’ products, i.e. paper and its multiple uses. The greek word “syskevasia”, which means packaging and is also the name of the trade fair, guided our design decision to create a form of package, a paper bag, to serve as the invitation. We used a custom die cut and designed it to resemble a small shopping bag with black cloth handles, and Perrakis’ Colorplan white frost paper as the body material. The bag was sent to invitees using Perrakis’ Curious translucent bright white envelope, an almost clear envelope that allowed the recipient to get a glimpse of the envelope’s contents. In keeping with our decision to make the materials the stars of the project, we enhanced their attributes using bold and clean typography to communicate the necessary information and also to convey the brand’s core values: tradition, reliability and respect for paper and for the environment.


Our design approach lead to a solution that doesn’t only serve its purpose, to invite guests to the trade fair, but also showcases the company’s products, not just as sheets of paper but by giving recipients an idea of how they can be used by presenting them as physical objects.