M2 Museologists

10.2017 Brochure
01. M2 Museologists 10.2017, Brochure


Two museologists-curators and long-term collaborators asked us to design their professional portfolio in a way that would favorably reflect their work.


Contemporary museological reality is shaped by qualities associated with the tasks of study, recording, highlighting and documenting. We adopted the concept of “curation”, the cornerstone of what museologists do, as the foundation for our approach to this project. We curated both the content/information and the overall design of the portfolio. The design referenced a museum catalogue aesthetic, further strengthening the connection to our clients’ work.


This portfolio embodies the qualities and skills manifested in the career, work, and cultural experience of M2 Museologists. The final design references a museum product, accurately reflecting the clients’ work and maximizing the portfolio’s impact.