Folklife and Ethnological Museum

09.2017 Brochure
01. Folklife and Ethnological Museum 09.2017, Brochure


During the school year, the Folklife and Ethnological Museum of Macedonia & Thrace runs a series of educational programs for children. We were asked to create a print application to communicate the activities to parents and educators.


The Folklife and Ethnological Museum is a literal and metaphorical space where customs and traditions meet contemporary creative learning. Like the educational programs themselves, the design made a connection with the exhibits in the museum’s permanent collections, through illustrations based on motifs from traditional costumes. We employed varying typography to distinguish the different types of information. We conceived of a folder, containing the activities schedule, detailed presentation, and a postcard with a photograph of the building from the museum’s archives that provides a link to its history.


The new print application greatly improved how the Museum’s activities are perceived by its audience. The folder format allows recipients, especially teachers, to separate the schedule for easy reference. The different elements combine to offer a comprehensive presentation of the Museum, beyond the promoted educational activities.