11.2017 Identity development
01. Fabrika 11.2017, Identity development


The copywriter and content creator Yiannis Milopoulos asked us to develop his professional visual identity across a series of applications.


We focused on narrative, language and writing as the copywriter’s tools of the trade. Narrative is the process of using language to produce meaning and to convey experiences through emotional interaction. We created an identity that is bold and distinguished, but also grounded in the client’s actual work, by adopting language in the form of writing as our primary design reference. Fabrika (from the Italian fabbrica, meaning factory) is the name of the space – literal and metaphorical – that is dedicated to the production of ideas and narratives.


The shape of the glyph F is the unifying element of the new identity, formed by curated textual information – so the text itself acts as a structural and morphological element that also imparts meaning. References to traditional printing and bookbinding materials and techniques used in the print applications reflect the varying elements that inform a copywriter’s work in the digital era.